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Onward Together is a progressive grassroots advocacy organization that believes that we can oppose and defeat the Trump Republican agenda without compromising our core values as progressives.

We believe that Donald Trump and the Republican Party that supports him are a threat to liberal democracy and the American way of life.  

We are dedicated to returning control of the U.S. House of Representatives to Democrats in 2018 to end that threat.

Join the Resistance and help us take back the House!

Who We Are
!!!Contrary to what has been reported by the media, Secretary Clinton is not involved in this project!!!

Onward Together was founded to give a voice to the more than 65 million Americans who cast a ballot for the Democratic nominee for President. We are Democrats and we are not ashamed to say so. We are the folks who have donated, knocked doors, made phone calls, given our time and given our hearts to build a political party that reflects our values. We are the base of the Democratic Party and we feel that we have been shunned and ignored since election day.  

We will not accept being pushed to the background and ignored by a party that we have dedicated our lives to building. The policies of the party we helped to build have won the National Popular Vote in 6 of the last 7 Presidential Elections. We refuse to let Democrats abandon that legacy.

This group was created to pick up that torch and carry it #Onward Together!


Our Mission
Our mission is to build a national grassroots organization to oppose the Trump Republican agenda and support candidates who will fight for traditional Democratic policies and values. We will defeat Trump's Republican Party by educating/mobilizing voters to win a Democrat majority in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018!

We reject the idea that Democrats need to abandon social issues. We believe that America's diversity is its greatest strength and that issues of social justice and equality ARE economic issues.  

We believe that Democrat ideals are at their greatest when they appeal to the hopes and dreams of all Americans.

Our position is that America can lift everyone up without tearing anyone down!  

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